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ABOUT KartTracker

What makes KartTracker special


Forget about manual timing.
The KartTracker app connects wirelessly with your karts and automatically registers lap times for up to 4 karts.


Forget about downloads after the race.
Just follow the race next to the track and check your iPhone while it registers lap times in real-time.


Forget about hitting a manual timing button.
KartTracker registers lap times with a 0.001 second accuracy and never misses a magnetic strip due to dual sensors and advanced software algorithms.


Forget about wiring.
KartTracker installs in seconds and runs for months on a standard battery. Data is transmitted wirelessly to your iPhone, without the need for 3G or WiFi.

KartTracker Timer

The small KartTracker Timer is easily attached to the floor of the kart, no drilling required. It detects the magnetic strips installed on the track and registers timings of laps and sectors. Data is automatically transmitted to your iPhone.

The typical maximum distance between the kart and your phone is 100m for the KartTracker LR (Long Range) and 30m for the standard KartTracker (* FAQ connection distance). Timer



KartTracker iPhone app

Download the FREE KartTracker app from the Apple App Store today.
Start the Camera app on your iPhone and aim at the QR code. Follow the instructions on your iPhone to install the KartTracker app.


Or watch this YouTube video

What's next ...

Soon KartTracker will also register rpm, speed and temperature. We're also working on an upgrade to push all data in a cloud database and make this data visible on a big screen.



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KartTracker FAQ

Is the timing of the KartTracker really 0.001 msec accurate ?
The highly accurate clock of the KartTracker offers typical 0.001 msec accurancy for up to 30 second sections. The accurancy might be slighty influenced by temperature and aging.

How often do I need to replace the battery ?
The KartTracker intelligent power design allows it to work a complete season on a single coin cell battery. You can expect more then 250 hours of training sessions and months of standby time. Battery life time might be influenced by lower temperatures.

What is the maximum distance between my iPhone and the kart?
KartTracker LR typically connects to your iPhone for distances up to 100m. Depending on the environment sometimes the connection distance is limited to less then 50m, but it might also be up to 300m.
KartTracker has a typical connection distance of 30m, depending on the environment this might be limited to 20m, but it might also be up to 100m.
The actual connection distance is influenced by the weather, for example rain reduces the distance, the number of WiFi networks in the neighborhood, metal fences and obstacles, ...

How can I improve the connection distance?
We advise you to position yourselves on high ground, for example a bridge over the circuit or the tribune.
In the middle of the circuit the connection distance will be better.
Disable WiFi on your iPhone. Because WiFi and BLE use one common antenna on a iPhone, nearby WiFi connections will reduce the signal sensitivity.
Do not stand behind metal fences as these will block the signal.
Make sure Low Power Mode is turned off (Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode off). Low Power Mode reduces the BLE antenna usage on an iPhone.

Can I connect multiple iPhones to one kart?
Yes, of course. You can connect with as many iPhones as you wish.

How many karts can I connect to the iPhone KartTracker app?
Up to 4 karts can be timed and compared simultaneously. We'll increase the number of connectable karts in a future release of the app.

How do I install the KartTracker app?
Watch this YouTube video.

Will there be an Android version of the app soon?
Sorry, but we're currenly not planning an Android version. We first want to add some more interesting features to the iPhone app. If you really need an Android version, send us a message. If we get enough messages we'll reconsider it.


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